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Posted by Spikedmauler - December 16th, 2018

i dont really talk here but i should at least make the attempt to socialize here

so tell me about yourselves! id love to read and reply



Hi Spikedmauler, my name is Traveler and I just want to say who's awesome? You're awesome!

thank you! i very much appreciate that, and nice to meet you too

Socializing is hard ye. I'm trying to open up and socialize also. It's definitely hard, being a lurker myself mostly, but I'm stepping up my art skills and trying to find some circles with other artists who share my interests.

ah yeah. gl with all that biz

Not gonna lie, you'll have an easier time socializing using the community tab and creating posts and responses there. Not easy posting only on your wall because often times only fans will read it but still lurk.

seen and ehhhhh not a big fan of forums. i never got the feel for it, but its probably because i wasnt around at the time that forums were a good way to communicate online. and 4chan and whatever.

I love you

sorry taken lmao

I like video editing, making 3D renders, and I like watching video essays

oh nice! that sounds interesting indeed

Hi there! I'm Verne and I am currently taking courses for graphic design and both traditional and digital art! I love looking at other artists art for inspiration.

ahhh ay i wish you the best of luck on your course dude ^^

heya, i'm michael and i have entire shelf full of gunpla models, despite never watching a single episode of the gundam anime.

lol it do be like dat sometimes

@verne @Spikedmauler thank you very much! And I look very much forward to what you create next!

Welcome to NG! It's nice to see you here. Paledrake recently introduced me to your works! : )

ah yeah same to you as well. youve got a really solid style with kobolds haha. i do hope to chat with you soon in the future ^^

My dude you're super talented being only 19.

Unless you bamboozling us.

im 19. March 10, 1999

I'm a relatively new artist (~7 months) And pretty much constantly trying to improve. You got any tips or pointers for a newbie like me?

I make coffee and I design characters, Nice to meet ya.

Hi there Spike. I'm Donn, but most people who follow me call me Dr. M. I really like your art style, and I would be more than happy to draw art of one of your characters if you're okay with some lewd fanart. I just wanted to say that you seem pretty cool, and I'd love to chat with you whenever you'd like to. Here's a link to my Twitter in case you wanna check out some of my art there too, since I often update more often there than on Newgrounds: https://twitter.com/DoctorDRM_Art
Anyhow, it's been a pleasure to meet you, and I can understand how hard it can be to socialize sometimes as well. But here's wishing us both to have an awesome 2019.

hey man, just wanted to say real quick that your art is amazing and I love how smooth your animations are. I hope you keep doing what you're doing, whether it's nude stuff or just drawings you really enjoy!

Oh hello there. I don't talk much either. Just going to leave this here: https://luckytime.newgrounds.com/news/post/1044305

@verne @Spikedmauler Thank you! Right now I'm taking the filler and prerequisite courses and they are so mindnumbing!